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FlashDen - XML CHROMATIC Template

Другие шаблоны - FlashDen

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Автор: Qoodo

22 Августа 2009

FlashDen - XML CHROMATIC Template

XML CHROMATIC Template - Шаблон для веб-сайта © источник qoodo.ru от FlashDen

Особенности шаблона:

* Html module – Include html text in flash, you can add your own style to this module. Add unlimited modules with until 4 submenus each one. 
* Gallery module – add unlimited galleries, there are many ways to do that, gallery with subgalleries, without subgalleries, with or without views (until 9 per item), unlimited items. Load pictures, swf or flv, specific the dimentions of the flv in the xml or leave empty to show in full screen. 
* News module – add unlimited news with title and html text. 
* Contact module – add your contact information in the xml and the form will work, the php file is attached. 
* Mp3 player – add unlimited songs with the title and loop option in the xml.

Демо: http://tinyurl.com/m7qlcr
В архиве: Шаблон (Template) © источник qoodo.ru - Source FLA - SWF
Размер: 36.2 Mb

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